Our Team

Chand Nizami


Mere Maula Tu Hai Saudagar Bada Tujhsa Nahi Koi Aur Kare Parwa Bande ki Jo Likhu Kya Sunao Kaha Rehmmat Teri Jo Khudme Dekha To Tu Hi Nikla” This phrase is merely a gist praising God whom we call with many names. A man with tremendous talent and attitude purely in his verse of art that we call Qawwali, he crowns his work to the almighty God whom he admires and praises for everything he got as well as for his illustrious command over qawwali which he mentioned he got from legacy of his ancestors and mainly from his father “Late Ustad Mehmood Nizami” who was completely a distinguished qawwal . Also he always gives tribute and credentials to his elder brother “Late Ustad Ghulam Farid Nizami” for the way he together with him took the momentum when their father left. “Umer Nahi Fasla Agar Kiya Fiasla” At an age when people generally feel low and not desire to work with so much reflex and enthusiasm still this man sets an example of what a man can do. He practices for enormous hours and puts his energies into every stage performance and shows the way to his group nizamibandhu with ease and passion. He leads the group nizamibandhu and presently he is most experienced and top notch in his work. He still believes in promoting and presenting India’s culture, ethics and moral values through his energetic and deep genre performance one after the other. He has performed in almost every city in India and has acclaimed tremendous appreciation and recognition in many parts of world. “Mere Maula ka Jis Par Karam Ho Gaya Vo Satyam shivam Sundaram Ban Gaya” This line he usually says to the people he meets. His character is depicted in this phrase where he framed a prose and denote God with name of Shiva which shows how equality he feels for all religions and he takes God as one which can be called by whatever name. Truely a magnificent thought and so sophisticated person can frame a prose like this. “Kamyabi Ka Kissa Nahi kisse hote hai” He has always advocated that to reveal success we need to pass and hold our nerves at times, we may be low and still not give up because to attain success necessarily we need temperament and patience, as evertime success does not come to us in one go, we need to try many times only then we could reach success. For this he always tells to practice alot in life to attain the dreams that may seems far but with a glimpse of them in our thoughts we feel like reaching them. The span which may be more or less is not important, instead the attempt for success is. This has been his mantra for his sons and also his nephews whom he admires and loves like his own sons. Still he teaches his nephews Shorab Faridi Nizami and Shadab Faridi Nizami and makes them practice hard to deliver their best everytime they perform. Also he teaches and makes his sons Gulfam Nizami and Gulkhan Nizami practice qawwali so that they can also take up this legacy as a pride and take up as their responsibilityso as to showcase their energies. “Kun Faya Kun” Ustad Chand Nizami toghter with his group gave a guest appearance in the chartbuster song of 2011 from movie “Rockstar”. The song is a qawwali genre in which they were shown performing qawwali at Hazrat Nizamuddin Auliya, which is also their home and they perform regularly in the dargah. “Mujhko Dena Itne Pal Ki Apne Peer Ki Rehmat Sunao” He presents gratitude towards Amir Khusro whose poetry , sahyari and qawwali he performs and appreciates. Many times during the performances he can be seen weeping while singing which shows how much he is connected to his work and gives this advice to his succeeding generations. He is a truly majestic and flawless performer and a great human with sober and humble heart.

Shadab Faridi


Tajurba Nahi Talash Chaiye Pane Ko Shaurat Mehnat Hi Tujhe Manzil Na Ka Na Sahi Tujhe Apni Rah Ke To Kareeb Basna Chaiye” To read it, is delightful but actually who mean these lines in his life is what would be a man with wisdom and near to his dreams. Our life is just an outcome of our self wishes and cakes but fewer among people who love what they got from God and seem happy and thankful for what they actually get. Here’s another such legendary young man or to be specific a singer with calibre to make his unique place in world . He has taken up from where his father “Ustad Gulham Faridi Nizami” left and continued his legacy of art and has shown passion towards what he learned from his father and uncle “Ustad Chand Nizami” whom he admires and lovse like his father and proudly reveals his respect towards the Qawwali that he has inherited from his ancestors.Yet being young he is not usual or followed blindly chaos young blood doing and following. He took the challenge and the task to make his band sing perfectly. He has always been better than par performer while performing in India and rest of the world. Noweven after being married and settled in life,he is still focussed and determined to do better in every next performance. He is privileged to get chances to perform in various respectful festivals and cultural programs in almost every city of India and also been delivering performances in overseas. “Saaz Ke Sath Baja Hai Tabhi Saaz Ko Anjam Hai” He is keen interested in playing instruments which advocate more and make introducing new techniques and instruments to add on more live wires in there performances. Personally he is fond of playing keyboard and he also plays many other instruments with maestro. “Parivar Aur Apne Hi Asafalta Aur Kamyabi Dono Mein Sath Rehte hai Baki To Bus Kafir Hain Humse” His thoughts of sharing and living moments within all seasons of joy and happiness to the days of advert with family always boosts up and brings in him some sense of hope and life to near future days and makes sure next dawn is in his stream. “Kun Faya Kun” Being part of a privileged band NIZAMI BANDHU he gave the performance in the chart buster track from blockbuster movie “ROCKSTAR” Kun Faya Kun which is qawwali in genre and among to tracks which are always pure in listening. “Fasiq Nahi Hum Qawwal Hai Teri Rehmat Me hi Humara Sazda Hai” He personally shared that the only time he performs purely when he is performing in front of his peer at Dargah. “As the atmosphere and vibes are directly towards God we try our best there.” is what he says about them

Sohrab Faridi


"Mujhe nahi jarurat tere datsur ki mujhe to hai faqr apni kala par” a line that only focused and experienced artist can feel is what i heard from a young and aspiring Qawwal. He belongs to “Nizami bandhu” which have shown spark and ingredients of our culture and tradition. He is been indulge to qawwalis from the age when we hardly can spell out a word of that such bare language as he is just been attached to this art which had got in legacy of his father, “Ustad Gulam Faridi Nizam Sahb” for whom my words fall short to define the class of his temperament and elegance. He is been performing qawwalis and stage performance since 8 years of age. Now its been 20 years since he is carrying this gift of his ancestors. He plays an instrument called “Kanch” that is made entirely of glass. He was born in Delhi on January 14 ,1982. “ Apni Mitti ki Khushu Apne Buzurgo ki Rivayat Hamesha Judi Rehti Hai” He is been from a generation of fast and western music yet he been attach to what he call his life dedicated. He said music and qawwali are just a learning and continuous process. Apparently, he is still giving his dedication and energy to do better and better. I am not sure that there is any place in India where with his group and he has not left the flavor and fragrance of our tradition and culture. “Kala sirf Koshish Nahi Karam se Pak Hoti Hai Aur Pak Karam Se hi Uski Rehmat Barasti Hai” This statement can be proved to be a fact after meeting a true artist and person with humour, humble and temperament like this young artist , who dreams to make and reveal our tradition to be gracefully and respectfully prevail and perform in India and around the globe. He is been attached to God and respects his art and dedicate every performance to God and tribute to his ancestors who had done enormous work to spread harmony in the nation and as well as rest of world. He belongs to “sikandra gharana” which is considered a legendary court of music and culture. “Kun Faya Kun” He appeared in this song which is undoutedly a qawwali in genre and was great blockbuster hit song of the 2011 from movie “Rockstar”. He with his band gave guest appearance for this song at “Hazart Nizamuddin Auliya Dargah”. He performs regularly at dargah with his group and teaches a lesson to connect with God to mankind. Although being an artist he still advocates the approach of education in life and he advice younger’s to respect education and study. He believe and tolerate education as an art to learn in life not only to earn but to live with peace , happiness and worthy. “Milestone to him” At he age of 8 years when he went with his group for his first live stage performance. After a long performance he cried aloud at the backstage and deep inside it taught him a lesson of about the purity of his heart which felt his performance and all that he did on stage. Since that day he is been focussed and determined to take his group to new heights and is working anxiously for promoting qawwali to attach people to this art. Being of this generation he has assisted his group to keep the momentum and pace with the dynamic and changing world. Also he is leading the management of Nizami Bandhu band and keeps track of concerts , shows , public relations and events of his group and arrangements of his group.